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No patent exhaustion for replicant soybeans

I’m now writing on IP topics for the Patexia site.

My first article is on a recent Federal Circuit decision that upheld a finding of patent infringement against a farmer who planted “next generation” Roundup Ready® soybean seeds derived from commodity seed he purchased from a grain elevator.

It was news to me that over 90% of Indiana’s soybeans are genetically engineered!




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Supreme Court Rejects Ban on Sale of Violent Video Games to Children

In the latest (and highest court) decision on the issue, the US Supreme Court has rejected California’s ban on selling violent video games to children.

As reported in the New York Times,

The California law would have imposed $1,000 fines on stores that sold violent video games to anyone under 18.

It defined violent games as those “in which the range of options available to a player includes killing, maiming, dismembering or sexually

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