Content Marketing Strategy

Content Marketing Strategy2018-09-27T15:51:40+02:00

Sometimes customers come to us with a specific task in mind, such as “write one blog a week for us.” In other cases, clients are looking for guidance on their overall content marketing strategy.

Here’s the approach we’ll take in developing your content marketing strategy:

  1. We’ll work with you to identify your target audience – and figure out how best to reach them.
  2. We’ll help you identify your unique selling proposition – why do your clients or customers choose you? Why should they?
  3. We’ll look at what your competitors do and figure out what they’re doing right and what you can do better.
  4. We’ll learn about your style. Are you formal or casual?  Conservative or edgy?  Do you want to stress your professionalism or your empathy?
  5. We’ll work with you (and your budget) to develop an overall plan. The plan may include a new or overhauled website, blogs, articles, white papers, social media, social media advertising, search engine marketing, and more.
  6. We’ll provide a budget and timeline.