Content Marketing for Technology Companies

Content Marketing for Technology Companies2018-11-07T10:29:05+02:00

Many technology companies struggle to communicate effectively. Common mistakes include:

  • Boring the audience
  • Use of jargon that may or may not be comprehensible to the audience
  • Ignoring influencers who may not be technical
  • Passive voice that sounds like a technical manual
  • Having a 5-page description when one page would do

Explaining complex technical issues in a way that’s compelling requires special skills.

Our team has deep skills in both technology and writing. One is a former VP-Marketing with a semiconductor company who has two patents to his name; the other is an award-winning writer. We can take your complex product and present it in a way that’s both comprehensible and compelling.

Depending on your needs, we can:

  • Develop your content marketing strategy
  • Help you launch a new website with great content
  • Renovate a tired, dull website
  • Provide you with a turn-key monthly content marketing solution
  • Handle all your social media
  • Work “ala carte” and on an as-needed basis

We can:

  • source our own topics,
  • send you lists of suggested subjects every week or month, or
  • work from your ideas.

We can:

  • write “from scratch,”
  • work with your outline or bullet points, or
  • make your rough draft sound a whole lot better.

See www.pacid.comfor an example of our work with a technology company.

Contact us to get started.