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Most IP-related marketing content is ineffective.

It generally fails in one of five ways:

  • It’s written in legalese.
  • It shows a lack of understanding of IP issues.
  • It insults readers by stating the obvious.
  • It’s useless.
  • It’s dull as dirt.

These failures happen because most of the people who write the content are:

  • IP lawyers who want to impress other IP lawyers,
  • non-lawyers who don’t know squat about IP, or
  • just plain bad writers.

The Challenge

Marketing in the IP space is challenging. You need to explain complex, technical issues in a way that’s both clear and compelling – maybe even entertaining.

You audience may be:

  • Non-technical businesspeople with only a vague idea what IP even is
  • IP lawyers who know more about IP than you do
  • Sophisticated non-lawyer business managers and investors
  • Inventors
  • All of the above

Whatever your audience, we can help you reach them and engage them.

Why We Can Handle It

We’re quite a team:

  • A Harvard Law School graduate and a member of the California bar with more than 25 years of experience doing IP work for clients like HP and Intuit – who’s also an award-winning writer
  • A PhD in business with more than 25 years of experience, including as a VP of marketing, working for high-tech companies – who’s also a patent-holder

We’re fluent in IP, marketing, and business, and we don’t think any other marketing firm can match our skillset.

How We Can Help You

We can:

  • Develop your content marketing strategy
  • Help you launch a new website with great content
  • Renovate a tired, dull website
  • Provide you with a turn-key monthly content marketing solution
  • Handle all your social media
  • Work “ala carte” and on an as-needed basis

We can:

  • source our own topics,
  • send you lists of suggested subjects every week or month, or
  • work from your ideas.

We can:

  • write “from scratch,”
  • work with your outline or bullet points, or
  • make your rough draft sound a whole lot better.

Our Clients

Our clients include:

  • IP Law Firms (Aeon Law, Leech Tishman, The Shaked Law Firm)
  • Patent Monetization Firms (IPNav, Marathon Patent Group)
  • LegalTech Companies (Anaqua, LawGeex)
  • IP Thought Leaders (Erich Spangenberg)
  • IP Publishers (Free Advice, Patexia)

Our Samples

Here are some of our samples. We can provide hundreds more upon request.

Aeon Law
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Leech Tishman
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Shaked & Co. Law Firm
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Post Patent Expiration Royalties for Spider-Man Toy? 

Another Inaccurate Epithet: Patent Privateer
Best Practices in Patent Monetization
Trends in inter partes review and covered business method review (published in IAM Magazine)

Marathon Patent Group
Are Patents An Asset Class?
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How One IP Firm Is Using Anaqua to Boost Productivity and Attract Top Talent

Making Money from Your Great Ideas
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Free Advice
Can You Be Sued by Graffiti Artists for Painting Over Their Work?
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How Could Fixing a Tractor Violate Copyright Law?

No patent exhaustion for replicant soybeans

Contact us to get started.