Case Study – IPNav

Case Study – IPNav2018-08-30T00:56:36+00:00

Substantially increased IPNav’s visibility, added equity to the brand, and generated hundreds of leads

When we started working with IPNav in February of 2012 the company had a legacy website and was in the process of creating a new website.

Tek-Law was hired to provide all of the content for the new website.  After the site was launched we handled all of the company’s corporate communications efforts (including blogs, white papers, press releases, social media, etc.) for two years (until April, 2014), at which time the company took the function in-house.

During that two-year period we took IPNav’s online presence from “one of the pack” to a very strong #2 behind industry leader Intellectual Ventures (IV), a billion-dollar+ company.


  • Nearly doubled the number of monthly visitors to the website (now averaging >5,000 month)
  • Took IPNav’s social media impact from nothing to top in the industry – stronger than IV (Klout score of 55 for IPNav versus 54 for IV)
  • Improved Google PageRank from 4 to 5
  • Improved Alexa Traffic Rank from 1,146,645 to 427,953 — only 90,000 behind IV (at start IPNav was over 500,000 behind IV)
  • Increased Facebook “likes” from 371 to over 3,000
  • Grew Twitter followers from 94 to over 1,200

We also created widely respected, first rate content.

We also managed IPNav’s public relations, social media advertising, digital advertising, print advertising, and search engine optimization programs.

The work we did with IPNav shows that with the right strategy and investment a smaller company can develop an online presence that rivals that of an industry giant, greatly increasing its visibility and the value of its brand. Contact us to find out how we can help your business reach its goals.