Law firms and corporate legal departments increasingly look to Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) to reduce costs and speed delivery of legal services.

Services provided via LPO include:

  • Legal research and writing, including multi-jurisdictional surveys
  • Contract review, drafting, and management
  • IP-related work, such as trademark filing and patent abstracting
  • Document coding and review for litigation, due diligence, and corporate compliance

Over 100 vendors offer LPO services, with the bulk of services provided by about a dozen companies.  Most of these vendors are based in India or the Philippines.  Several companies have multi-shore operations, including on-shore facilities in the US and UK.

LPO Consulting

We offer consulting services both for LPO providers and for buyers of LPO services.

For LPO providers, we can:

  • improve marketing efforts
  • provide training in substantive legal topics, project management, and client communications
  • design hiring tests

For LPO clients (and potential clients) we can:

  • analyze current processes to determine what types of work should be outsourced
  • evaluate vendors
  • draft statements of work, including quality criteria

For both providers and clients, we can:

  • resolve communications problems
  • solve production and quality problems