As Professor Paul Weiler of Harvard Law School says in the introduction his casebook Entertainment Media and the Law:

Entertainment (like sports) is an industry, not an intrinsic body of law.  However, every part of this industry, from novels to movies to music to broadcasting to video games, regularly draws on and is shaped by legal subjects ranging from constitutional law to copyright, contract, corporate, and communications law, among others.

Lauri Donahue has dealt with many of these subjects in her work in both the video game and movie industries.  As Assistant Corporate Counsel for Atari Corporation, she was the original lead counsel on the $500 million Atari v. Nintendo IP/Antitrust case and went on to become a member of the trial team in federal court.  As Senior Counsel for the Motion Picture Association of America, she dealt with worldwide anti-piracy and technology issues, worked with the FBI to combat video piracy, and was involved in the DeCSS and Napster cases.

She taught Entertainment Law and Video Game Law at the University of Toledo Law School, and has also written on the topic, as in this column about the original creator of the song that came to be known as “The Lion Sleeps Tonight.”