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Social Media Advertising and the Empty Room

Great content is at the heart of any online marketing program, but great content alone isn’t enough. Everyone in business is now tuned in to the importance of social media, but some people don’t understand  the importance of social media advertising. Promoting good content via social media advertising helps you in two ways: it can [...]

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Part 2: Bad Writing gets Badder

This is part two of our two-part blog on types of bad writing we often see on legal websites.  These are all real examples, some of them taken from websites created by firms that charge over $10,000 per month for content like this.  Only the locations have been changed to protect the guilty. For part [...]

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How Bad is the Writing on Your Website? – Part 1

When we’re developing new websites for law firm clients, or revamping old sites, we always look to see what their competitors are doing. As we said in our article on Content Marketing for Law Firms, If your firm’s website is just like all the other law firm websites in your area, then what’s the point [...]

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Do I really need a blog?

Do I really need a blog? Yeah, you probably do. Some businesses (a fortunate few) don’t care about where they show up in Google search results. For them, a website is like a brochure they hand out to leads developed elsewhere – usually by referrals. Businesses like that don’t really need a blog – although [...]

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